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VJ, Video Journalism Course

Raw-News teaches journalists how to produce fully edited, high quality video news stories across all media platforms.

What is it

This workshop aim to form journalists that can independently work in the field acting as a “VJ” aka video journalists, ables to produce fully edited, high quality video news stories to be spread across all media platforms.

To whom is addressed:

Raw-News delivery this specific training to producers, journalists and video makers, to provide them with deep notions of video journalism techniques, and help them to produce and distribute their video productions through conventional and new-media platforms, giving them the confidence to deal with the various format adopted now in the international news market. This course is also designed for those freelancers that aims to work as a field producers for major international broadcasters, acquiring here the skills to fully fix and produce contents commissioned by news clients.

How it works

The courses starts with a strong study of international video language rules, followed by practical training with prosumer video devices (like handycam and smartphones) as well as professional equipment, and continuing with field real scenarios focused on realistic production of news report, feature stories, character-driven docs and text-driven short features.

The course includes:

  • Theory and practical application of Video Language techniques under international guidelines and workflow.

  • Pratics video with handcameras and professional cameras: shooting, editing, delivery, streaming
  • planning and techincal realization of different formats adopted by web and tv broadcasters
  • Field trials to face real-case scenarios
  • End-of-course individual assessment, on-line monitoring and up to a month of remote assistance to identify any room for improvement.
  • Guaranteed access to our digital training course for any reference and
  • Lessons made in English and Italian
  • classes made of no more than 8 participiants


Being a Raw-News trained member give us the opportunity to flag you as “trusted certified” video producer ( gold mark in CrewRadar section). This give us the confidence to guarantee for your skills and offer your service as a member of our crew to our broadcaster clients whenever they contact us looking for crew with your acquired skills.

The courses is offered in the following formats:

  • 5 days – Full Immersion, Video Journalist reporting with hand cameras and professional devices


Since the beginning of its courses, Raw-News have formed several freelance video journalists, after our training all of them have worked ( and many still working now) as Vj and Eng Cameramen for major international broadcasters like Aljazeera, Nbc, Cbs, Fox News, TrtWorld, BBC, ITV and many others…

For more information, or to request a full course brochure please email us info@raw-news.net