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MOJO, Mobile Journalism workshops

In dynamically changing environment of the news world, editorial bureau must quickly adapt to the new user expectations and technological evolution, which make the video coverage and multiplatform distribution now unavoidable.

What is it?

MoJo, Mobile Journalism is a course developed to train editorial staff of Press Rooms, meant to give to print journalists the skills to independently produce video packages of journalistic value that matches the criteria of the new web sections of modern news paper. The objective is to acquire the theoretical and technical skills necessary to express the full potential of a written story in video language.

What to achieve

The course is intended now to set a new professional figure able to fill the gap  in every media environment where there is no space for the use of traditional crew  (journalist / cameraman / Soundman / Producer / VideoEditor).

This easy figure is technically formed to get the most out of the use of light equipment like prosumers cameras and Mobile-video devices, so to add video value to the work on the field without leaving out the primary editorial tasks.

How it works

The course covers all aspects and phases of the development, from field production to editing, passing naturally from the pre-production and the distribution of contents.
In addition to the theory and practics of video language rules and the study of shooting techniques, the course includes field trials to address the different working environments with which the video journalist will be confronted such as feature-news, politics, sports, news reports, investigation and other scenarios.

The course includes:

  • Theory and practical application of Video Language techniques under international guidelines and workflow.
  • Analisys and technical realisation of television/web video reports, entirely carried with Smartphones,  from pre-production to editing, including the modality of transmission.
  • Field trials to face real-case scenarios with which the video journalist will be confronted in the field.
  • Tailoring of lessons and programmes around the specific needs of the client, and compatible with all systems in use and companies work-flow.
  • End-of-course individual assessment, on-line monitoring and up to a month of remote assistance to identify any room for improvement.
  • Lessons mades in English, French and Italian

Other Benefits:

. The courses are valid for credits journalists c/o CNOG

The courses is offered in the following formats:

  • 2 days – Reporting with mobile-video devices (up to 8 participants per class)
  • 4 giorni – Full Immersion, Reporting with hand cameras and mobile-video devices

Raw-Media tailors programs for editorial needs by structuring their courses based on the number of participants and the technical workflow of the clients.

Mojo courses and workshops have been already successfully delivered to the editorial staff of: Rcs Group, Corriere della Sera, Il Secolo XIX, Gazzetta dello Sport, IPS, Editoriale Domus and many others…

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